my choreographic interest lies in the area of human relationship, particularly conflict; how ambivalence in communication, perception and feelings can disturb our sense of normality. i seek to present the audience with contradictions and open-ended questions that complicate the dividing lines between established oppositions, e.g. right and wrong, truth and deception, pleasure and pain. my aim is to create distinct forms of movement and theatricality that combine frankness and nuance, and evoke experiences that are at once humorous and unsettling, intimate and distancing

since 1995, i have been creating works in solo, duo, ensemble and collaborative forms. for myself i have created a trio of solo’s that focus on the politics of the black male performing body. most recently i have worked directing and performing with nz artist simon ellis exploring white identity. works include a separation (2014) which premiered at lilian baylis in london and our white friend (2016) premiered at siobhan davies studios london. currently i am directing a solo performance titled white charlie for uk independent dance artist charlie morrissey. white charlie will premiere in brighton 18 April 2018 as part of their undisciplined season. 

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