feldenkrais method

after many years of performing as a salaried company dancer i realised i’d lost the initial joy of moving that had led me into the dance profession. it was eventually through my discovery of the feldenkrais method that i started to feel what dancing was all about again and in 2005 i decided to join a training program in germany under the supervision of jerry karzen

the feldenkrais method is named after it’s originator moshe feldenkrais (1904-84) an israeli physicist, engineer, sports enthusiast and one of europe’s first judo instructors. he developed his method after dismissing medical advise to undertake surgery due to a serious knee injury. instead he explored his difficulty through gentle movement explorations much the same way a child might explore a shaky tooth against their parents will. what he developed was a mindful movement practice based on the central insight that awareness can be an engine for profound change. through his work he demonstrated how it’s possible to improve mobility and well-being despite the persistence of structural difficulties

the feldenkrais method offers benefits for anyone seeking improvement in coordination, performance with overall ease. it is taught in two distinct forms:

  • functional integration – hands on approach
  • awareness through movement – verbal approach

i am a member of the feldenkrais guild uk and offer both approaches mostly within the north london area. i teach public classes every thursday evening and friday at noon here. private sessions can be arranged at a rented studio or in the convenience of your home

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