image: nuno santos


this is a 25 min solo i perform naked. it employs movement, voice and a sharp gaze to investigate blurred divisions between self and other, friend and enemy, us and them…

Joyride is a provocation that has complacent prejudices about race, class, status, beliefs and human rights in its sights. Poole performs naked throughout, using his lithe muscularity and fierce intellect to conjure up images that home in on savage truths. We see him, like a dog on all fours, worrying at his discarded clothing suggestive of the brutal humil-iations of slavery or torture and the imperial superiority of the “them and us” heirarchy.

mary brennan – herald scotland

Bold and brilliant. And yes, watching a naked man play at being a tiger, swishing its rump, then a crocodile, then Anna Pavlova’s dying swan, boureeing to Gladys Knight and the Pips, did indeed nudge me out of my comfort zone.

jenny gilbert – the independent

Opening night saw an outstanding yet undoubtedly challenging new work from Colin Poole. The “first draft” of solo Joyride is a confrontationally naked and seriously questioning piece. This is a seriously thought through work in progress that makes a deep impression, even at this stage.

lindsey clarke –